Imagine feeling safe, having enough, and being valued. Imagine your world expanding through love and wisdom. Imagine living in harmony with nature. Imagine a world where spiritual growth is an experience not a dogma. Want this to become a reality?

Sharing Aboriginal and psychological ways of connection

For people who want to live and work as ‘one of one’.

We use simple, inclusive and integrated experiences, story, art, music, dance and language to show you ways to connect and integrate your self and other, along the way discovering your nature, place and purpose.

When we know who we really are, not who we think we are or who other people think we are, we connect to our place in the web of life. This connection anchors us to life and we feel safe. When we have relationships based upon love and wisdom we create a culture of growth and possibilities. When we ‘belong to the land’ we live in harmony with nature. When we grow spiritually we can experience life as magical transformations.

If people lived like this we can unify humanity easily. Too often people are distracted by that which does not matter.

Welcome to Country/talks

Welcome to country: Shaun Nannup

Aboriginal story telling and didgeridoo

Law of the land – cultural connections

Aboriginal Story Telling

Unifying Humanity

In traditional Aboriginal communities, everything and everyone was connected, people lived in harmony with each person knowing their nature, place and purpose while being connected to their anchor and source. When people align with their nature, place and purpose and connect with their anchor and source they live with integrity. In Aboriginal culture, systems were in place to build integrity at different ages through all parts of the community. Through our Unifying Humanity series of workshops we help align and connect people. Further details Nature, Place, Purpose, Anchor and Source

Three one day workshops 

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Two day experience ‘on country’

  • Connecting to your Anchor
  • Knowing your Source

Earth School

Foundations of life. Why didn’t I know this? Roslyn has commonly heard these words over 20 years, and Earth school is the lessons everyone needs to know to have a healthy mind and healthy relationships, the two most important things for people. Further details Earth School 

  • Healthy mind 10 x 1.5hrs
  • Healthy Relationships  10 x 1.5hrs

Functional Families

Functional families are the backbone of humanity. A functional family is a safe place to be and grow.  Each family has it’s own nature, place and purpose.

  • Functional Families 4 x 2hrs or 1 day (9am to 5 pm)
  • Family Culture 4 x 2hrs or 1 day (9am to 5pm)

Workplace Harmony

Harmonious workplaces are the backbone of our society, each person is valued for their role and is encouraged to grow even if that means leaving.

Unhealthy relationships in families and workplaces create unhealthy minds.  



Our Leaders without Borders is a comprehensive program that not only shows people how to develop their own expanding web of connection, but shows how this influences others.

Take a moment now and forget what you have read.
Take a moment now and forget what you have said,
Breathe in the atmosphere and allow your mind to be still
Breathe in the space in between this moment and that moment,
Forget all that you think you know
Forget all that you have been told


And remember who you are and why you are here,
Remember that you are here and that within you is all that you need,
You are everything and nothing, like the universe
You are part of me and we breathe as one
Connect with the simplicity and integrity of life
Connect with the needs of your own mind, body and soul
Sense your love and concern for your Self and others
Sense the natural laws of the universe
and you will begin your journey to
Freedom, stillness, peace and happiness
the path to the great integrity.

by Roslyn Snyder

The solution may not simply be refuelling.

Do you have days when you feel like you are playing catch up? Do you fall into bed at night exhausted but not able to sleep – your mind is racing? Are the words "Sea Change" close to your heart. You are not alone. But the solution may involve more than just refuelling; it may be time to have a closer look at what is really going on in your life.

The reason you are running on empty could be you are using the wrong fuel, someone is milking your tank, sand in your fuel or you have a hole in your tank. Refuelling more often does not solve these problems. The time for an inspection and a repair job is now.

The right fuel for you – do something that fuels your fire every day

When you fill up your car with fuel you can use unleaded, lead replacement, diesel or autogas depending on your car. The same goes for you; you need to find what gives you energy. If you run on steam, using diesel is not a good choice. Although just like all cars need oil, water and to be run regularly so too does your body need a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables to lubricate you well, plenty of water to keep you cool and exercise to keep you running. The fuel I am talking about is what makes you feel energised.

You need to have some time each day that is your time. For busy people that may mean scheduling in 15 to 20 mins as free time. Some people do yoga, meditate, burn candles or oils, walk in the bush, swim, pray, do something for someone else (not something you have to do), soak in the bath, do crosswords, daydream, cross stich or any other art or craft or write in a journal. The secret is that this time is for you to do something you choose to do not something you have to do or something that everyone else says is good. It needs to work for you. Some people force themselves to do a cross-stitch because they promised to make it for someone. You need to give yourself at least 15 – 20 mins every day to refuel. This is about 1% of the 1, 440 minutes in a day. Are you worth 1% of your time?

Someone is milking your tank – learn to say no.

Some people in your life simply take your energy – they milk your tank. You have two choices: First, don't see these people. Often, the people that milk your tank the most are family members that you have to see. The second and preferred choice is to get a locking cap.

To get a locking cap you need to look at how they are taking your energy. Are they taking your energy by making you feel bad about yourself, do they criticise. If this is the case you need to become more assertive and ask them to stop criticising you. Speaking up for your self gives you a locking cap.

If they are sapping your strength just by the physical demands or time demands, for example looking after disabled children or elderly parents, ask for help. Many people believe that they should be able to cope but asking for help has an amazing effect on your energy.

Sand in your fuel tank – flush it out

Sand in your fuel tank makes you sluggish and you don't reach top speed. Sand is unexpressed emotions that clog up your fuel system. The only way to get sand out of your tank is to clean it out. This takes time and effort. To do this you need to express your feelings. You can do this by talking to someone; this could be a close friend or a therapist. However, this is not the only way. There are many nonverbal ways of expressing your feelings; I personally have found painting and writing to be useful.

But, other things you can do include, woodcarving, soap shaving – get a bar of soap and a sharp small knife and shape the soap, oodles of doodles, keep a diary, a visual diary is great as you can draw, doodle and write in this. Writing poetry is also effective. The sand in the fuel tank can get into the engine and create a lot of additional problems including seizing the engine, do not take this problem lightly.

Some people may tell you that medications (natural, prescribed or illicit drugs) will help, but this is like fuel additives it doesn't get rid of the sand, just lubricates it a bit so you can't feel it, very much a short term solution.

My fuel tank has a hole in it!

A hole in your fuel tank is a major repair job, but the hardest part is finding the leak. Especially if it is a small leak or is underneath the tank – buried deep below. The hole in your fuel tank is created by your own beliefs. They are the self-criticism that slowly eats away the fuel tank. To find them you need to search within yourself.

One way to bring your self-criticisms to the surface is to remember and write down your criticisms of others – the judgements you make on other people. These judgements you make of other people you will be making of yourself as well. One of the best ways to do this is to keep a journal. Over time you may begin to see a pattern. There are usually one or two very dominant beliefs that tend to leak the most fuel. Some of the most common beliefs are "I'll never be good enough", "Everyone has to like me all the time", "No one understands me" and "I'll never do anything worthwhile with my life," or some derivatives of these.

Ready to ride again

After refuelling with the right fuel, fitting a locking cap, flushing out the tank and mending any holes you are now ready to ride again. You will find that you no longer run out of fuel as often and you are no longer running on empty, but have plenty in reserve.

Below is a short case story that can be run in a box with the article.


Mary was a committed Social Worker. Not only was she effective with her clients, but she was the one her colleagues, family and friends turned to. Mary could handle any situation with ease. Her Manager relied on Mary to assist any new workers acclimatize to working in the small country town of which she was the only Social Worker. Mary worked full-time during the week and on the weekends assisted with her children’s activities, her husband’s business and two local service clubs.

Mary had worked for two years without a day off. Mary took one week off when her daughter had to have a minor operation. On returning to work, a number of people told her how relieved they were to have her back; she was the one who knew what was going on. 

Two years later Mary suddenly quit her job, left her husband and moved to another larger town and got a job packing shelves in the supermarket. She never told anyone again that she was a Social Worker.

According to Ralph Alan Dale, there are five types of love. The first three types of love violate the laws of nature and are destructive to our society. Which type of love are your relationships based on? 

The first type of love is possessive love. This is like owning an object! Success is defined by how many, how rare or how beautiful the object is that you possess. This type of love can be described as a selfish and manipulative act. This type of love can lead to domestic violence or family abuse.

The second type of love is co-dependent love. This type of love is based on the belief that you can not exist without the other (drug or alcohol can be the other) or  the union of two people with one identity. Co-dependent love prevents self growth and independence. In some circles, this is believed to be ideal love. 

The third type of love is romantic love and is based on a belief that there exists only one perfect mate for you and this perfect mate will complete your life, your relationship has no conflicts and is easy, they will fill your deficiencies and you don't need to grow as a person. The other person can never live up to these unrealistic expectations and will let you down. A perfect mate  is an illusion and people go from one relationship to another in search of their perfect mate. People often feel unfulfilled and that they are missing out. This highly sought after, but completely unfulfilling type of love is what Hollywood movies sell us on. 

The fourth type of love is infinite love and this is based on the belief that love is an energy that flows between people, nature and life. Love is freely given and received, not only to and from other people but to rocks, birds, art, and nature. The person that feels infinite love has shed their armour and masks and is truly free. To feel love and compassion for all people all of the time is difficult, but this is what is required of infinite love. However, in our society this type of love is judged as 'do gooders', 'tree huggers' 'crossing professional boundaries' and often misinterpreted from a framework of the other types of love. Occasionally, this can be used as a mask for the other types of love. Many abusers will talk the talk of infinite love only their actions may be showing  romantic love. 

The fifth type of love is becoming love and this is based on the belief we are one of one and are pure energy. This type of love currently cannot be experienced only dreamt about! We need a critical mass of people experiencing and living infinite love to make this a reality. Imagine a world where the majority of people do not need to sacrifice their humanity to be accepted. 

by Roslyn Snyder

The closer you are to life the more joy you have. Even if others see you close to death. We appreciate life when we are faced with death. We live life when there is the threat of destruction. We create in the face of adversity. We sing when we need to be free. We dance when we need stillness within. When we have everything handed to us on a plate, we turn away from it. We need to struggle, we need to fight, we need to challenge ourselves because that is when we are most alive. From everything we create nothing.

On a blank page we can write words. On a blank canvas, we can paint. From stillness, we create movement. From silence we create noise. From me we create you. From nothing we create everything. 

Roslyn Snyder

Imagine you are in a lovely place - the grass is green and as you sit on the grass overlooking a lake in the shade of large overhanging trees, a family of ducks quack past, you hear the hum of dragonflies as they play. The peacefulness is a splendour, which you lie back to enjoy. You think you could lie here forever.

But someone tells you that over to your right there is a ladder. And then you notice everyone you know isn’t sitting enjoying the weather, but moving towards the ladder and climbing up. People say you must go up, you have no choice - you will be left behind. You ask what is up there. "It is great" comes the reply.

So you climb up the ladder and you get to the next place which is quite nice but over to the side are some steps. People push and bustle you over there and you go up the steps. This happens on the next lot and the next until after six or seven times, each time you climb you only look for the next set of steps, ladder or way up. There is always a way up just over this way or that, so instead of looking where you are you only look for the next way up.

You find you keep climbing but you never get there - because you haven’t known where you want to go. You just keep climbing up and one day you discover you are on the Road to Nowhere, but still you keep climbing up, because you don’t know what else to do.

Written by Roslyn Snyder published in Journey to the centre of your life – your compass.

I am a bird flying free
dancing around and being me.

Then along comes a hunter who doesn’t like birds.
He shoots them down in flocks and in herds.

I am a fish swimming along
cool and wet, singing a song.

Then along comes a shark, out of the weed
Who’s looking at me for his next feed.

I don’t fit in, I do not steal
I’m not the shark eating his meal.

I don’t fit in, I’m not the same
Hoping I’m not going insane.

I am an individual, funny and bright
Who feels like a bird in mid flight.

Then I realize I’m just a teenager
Growing up and becoming stranger.

Written by Jeremy Snyder, age 13