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Corporate Integrity require workers, teams and management to have integrity.

Organisational Integrity occurs when we work as ‘one of one’ where everyone and everything is connected and integrated and expansion occur organically. Each person knows their nature, place and purpose within the workplace. To have an organisational integrity the leaders need to understand human nature, and also know how to empower their workers.

However, workplaces could be one of these. 

  • Silos – usually found in large organisations where there is separation between departments, so people don’t know what others are doing.
  • Group think – is when everyone in the work team needs to think the same, this leads to people feeling undervalued or teams fading, also lots of mistakes can be made as there is no alternate voice.
  • Divided – is where teams ‘fight’ with other teams and there are alliances throughout the organisation.
  • Fragmented – there are no teams, every person for themselves, leads to high turnover or lots of stress leave/illness.

Organisational Integrity requires Group Integrity where each person feels safe and are free to grow, even if this means leaving the team. Work teams need to be balanced with the right combination of people. Sometimes people do not gel with one another and if the team is aware of this they can have strategies to deal with it.

Most workplaces are less than optimal. Which picture describes your work teams?

  • Burnt out – was a high functioning team but are simply over stressed either too much work or not taking time off
  • Afraid to be yourself – this team is likely to have a overbearing leader who doesn’t allow (can be very subtle) questioning or discussion
  • Fading – this team is one step away from total burn out, may be caused by a crisis, or under training, people could be out of the depth.
  • Disconnected – this team is not a team, there is no unity or allowing people to be themselves.

Corporate Integrity requires Individual Integrity, where people who know who they are and are robust, they can take a few knocks in work or family and not fall apart.

Most individuals are not emotionally mentally robust, in fact research would indicate less than 1% or workers are. Which picture describes the people in your workplace?

  • Emotionally mentally healthy – the individual will be functioning and contributing to the organisation, they do not need propping up but they are ready for further growth
  • Emotionally mentally frail – this individual will be coping, but only just, they may need to prop themselves up with alcohol, power or prestige, one more stressful event will send them over the edge.
  • Emotionally mentally flat – this individual will not be coping (although some will appear to be), they are at risk of or developing or having a mental health condition
  • Emotionally mentally shattered – this individual is barely functional, however, they may have lots of potential.

Please remember a work environment can lead to individuals becoming flat, frail or even shattered, due to a range of factors, which may include bullying or intimidation, or work/family balance, or management styles or mismatch between the job role and the nature of the individual.

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