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Best Cultural Psychology & Coaching Company 2020 - Australia Award by ghp Health & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020


WISDOM in Your Life has won several awards and been involved in some great collaborations. These are listed below. 

Best Cultural Psychology & Coaching Company 2020 - Australia

2012 Finalist - John da Silva Award for Improved Outcomes in Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing.

A two year suicide prevention project that was extended by one year funded by the Department of Health and Ageing in collaboration with Injury Control Council of Western Australia (now Injury Matters).

Evaluated by Rebecca Cotton who recommended this program continue to build capacity within Aboriginal communities. This met all best practice guidelines for Aboriginal mental health.  

2009 Winner 2009 Suicide Prevention Australia LIFE award - Healthy Communities.

Over several years Injury Control Council of Western Australia in collaboration with several other agencies in the South West of Western Australia undertook a mapping exercise to identify gaps in service delivery. WISDOM in Your Life came into the project at the later stages to offer a ways to change the culture of suicide prevention.

WISDOM in Your Life was contracted to run short 2 hour community education “A Way Through” across the region Plus WISDOM in Your Life trained over 300 health professionals in the south west to build capacity and develop self-care strategies as staff turnover and burn out were issues identified. Our community Based suicide prevention programs were as a result of this collaboration 

2005 Prime Minister's Community Business Partnership Award in 2005

A Collaboration between Hills Community Care Support Group, Midland Brick and WISDOM in Your Life.  Over three years an employment and wellbeing program to get repeat offenders into paid work. 

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