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Welcome to Earth School

Earth School 1 is ten psychology lessons online to build a healthy mind. A healthy mind is the foundation for resilience.

Earth School 2 is ten psychology lessons online to build healthy relationships. A healthy mind is the foundation of Healthy relationships which are the foundations for enjoyment of life. 

Each lesson has a video and an activity for you to do. You can watch the video whenever you want. The video teaches you the concept. The activity integrates your learning. Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson. After you have done the activity, you can upload a photo or scanned work. 

Roslyn Snyder has taught these lessons to everyone who has attended her private psychology practice. She practices these lessons daily. Please enjoy and have fun with the lessons. 

Important information

Click Open on the chosen Earth School, if not logged in or purchased, it will take you to shop, if purchased or logged in with a purchased licence, you will be directed to the course.

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$100 for 12 months
Group Purchase available

$100 for 12 months
Group Purchase available

ALL the proceeds from Earth School 1 go to eliminating Aboriginal Disadvantage. 

Roslyn Snyder and WISDOM in Your Life has been on the frontline for over 20 years. We have listened to Elders and research.  The root cause of Aboriginal disadvantage is systemic racism and generational trauma. WISDOM in Your Life has the processes to address both systemic racism and generational trauma.

We need to invest in the training of 36 Aboriginal workers, plus support staff across 9 regions of Western Australia. The local Aboriginal workers in conjunction with their communities will establish healing protocols in each region. The workers will then deliver our best practice programs to the community. Both to heal the generational trauma, plus empower the community with ways to deal with the systemic racism. We need to employ them for 6 to 8 years while working towards them setting up their own business in each region. This is how we create sustainable change. For more information see

We need money, but we do NOT want charity. Charity disempowers. As a means of raising money we have released EARTH School 1 Foundations for life, 10 lessons on emotional and mental wellbeing, delivered by Storm Motohata who is a Nyul Nyul and Yawuru woman from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. We have released these at $100 for the entire 10 lessons, normal price is $250. We need to sell 1 Million registrations. Please help us by registering or sharing this page. Enrol today 

Earth School 1: Intro

Earth School 2: Intro

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