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Roslyn's Journey

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In 1969 as a child, atop a granite outcrop overlooking the place Aboriginal Dreamtime calls the beginning of time I sensed something so profound – how life works. Life is simple – any amoeba lives, yet humans have complicated life so much that many no longer eat, breathe or sleep naturally any more. On reflection everything in my life is about this. Firstly I needed to understand what I had sensed, then operationalize this [meta pattern] into a step by step, stage by stage process and thirdly share it.

I studied, science (physics, maths, chemistry and biology), humanities (linguistics, culture) and psychology, I worked in medical and psychology research labs. In 1996, I graduated, my thesis was in psychophysiology with hard measurement, I loved psychometrics. I was a scientist through and through.

Six months after graduating I had a dream that changed my life. I dreamt ‘the map’ which was a metaphorical picture of the emotional landscape of life. I soon discovered that this ‘map’ showed the way to self-actualisation, when people got ‘stuck’ or ‘lost’ in parts of ‘the map’ it affected their mental/emotional health. All mental health diagnoses are within ‘the map’, which lead to predicting optimal treatment. Clients can identify where they are and therefore see where they need to go, so become compliant with treatment. A psychology doctoral thesis (Jackson, 2007) discovered 32 theories contained within ‘the map’.

I realised the limitations of science. Science analyses the tangible, which means breaking things (that can be defined) down to smaller and smaller things to understand the whole, quite reasonable when you are studying mechanical systems, but illogical for studying living systems, which are part of something bigger and are connected to something beyond. In addition, any mathematician knows that between any two points infinite points exist and science and academia are getting lost in the infinite between two points. My dream was intangible, yet produced tangible outcomes, books, workbooks, charts, training , 10 years of government contracts and a private practice all based on this intangible dream.

Along the way I explored the intangible, the spiritual. I explored all sorts of things from organised religion to shamans, prophecies to yoga practice. Intangibles need to have a tangible outcome, whether that is more self-knowledge or an experience. I have found many programs/products promise tangible outcomes they do not deliver.

I always knew that ‘the map’ was a mathematical model and that what I sensed in 1969 was a meta-pattern; the one pattern that everything else is derived from. After several more years studying quantum theory, chaos theory and consciousness (tangible), I danced (intangible) the meta- pattern. I used this to be able to visualise how illness both mental and physical is developed and possible pathways to healing, I used this to successfully treat chronic mental health problems (tangible). Recently, I wrote a mathematical proof and am writing a series of integrated books (tangible), each based around a picture (intangible) that explain how life works in simple words and pictures.

My purpose is to show people how life works at three levels:

  • Reclaiming your self: showing people processes to heal
  • Rebirth of humanity: showing people how to connect within themselves to live as ‘one of one’ aligned with the laws of nature
  • Re-imaging the universe: what was once imagined is now reality

The series of paintings below, show my journey from Fragmentation; through Cosmic Reality; Re-connection; Journey Within [My Healing Journey]; Everyday Reality, Harmony; Life Purpose [My Living, Loving and Learning Journey]; Birth of Abundance; Hidden Patterns of Life; Source; Triple Duality; to Infinite Possibilities [My Expanded Consciousness Journey].

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