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Best Cultural Psychology & Coaching Company 2020 - Australia Award by ghp Health & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020

Community Harmony has people living in harmony, respecting each other’s differences while recognising that all people need love and belonging.

Community Harmony

Communities are places where people LIVE.
Communities need to be safe and nurturing for all people.

Communities need to be in Harmony with the people and the environment.
We are committed to showing people ways of being that enhance humanity.

Many people feel that humanity is losing its way. However, our humanity is just below the surface. We see it every time there is a natural disaster.

People care without judgement, help without fear and share without expectation. Imagine having communities that flow in balance and harmony.

WISDOM in Your life has undertaken many community based projects, including and not limited Crime prevention, suicide prevention, capacity building, healing after trauma and developing community identity.

We suggest a Community Cultural Audit – Looking at the ‘health’ of the Organisation [community], the families and the individuals. With a customised audit we could add in ‘services’. This is ideal for City Councils/state government.

Communities are living entities, by understanding and enhancing the natural energy pattern we can live and work in Cultural Harmony.

Three two day workshops to understand people and connections

Strong Families = Strong Communities

  • Understanding the emotional landscape of life
  • Understanding the hidden patterns of behaviour

Strong Connections = Strong Communities

  • Understanding the pathways to harmony
  • Understanding the hidden patterns of connection between people

Theory and Applications for your community

  • Introduction to the hidden patterns of life
  • Practical ways to empower a community

Life Journey Clubs – small groups of between 4 – 6 participants working through ‘issues’ together. This has the resultant of building connection and relationships. The network of communities which stop people falling through the gaps.

Cultural Integrity Audit - measuring the culture of your workplace

Customised Workplace Solutions

Toxic Cultures, Mental Health, Bullying, High Turnover, Poor Morale

Read Organisational Integrity Audit

Try the Organisational Integrity Audit

Read the Case Study

Seven Stages for Community Agency

Seven one day workshops

Nature of your Community


Community Place


Community Purpose


Key & and Power of your Community


Focus and Destiny of Your Community


Energy Pattern of your Community


The Influence of your Community


For community members see Earth School, Connecting people and Healing minds.

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