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Companies, businesses, communities, families, individuals are living systems. Quantum chaos is the way all living systems work. Everything and everyone is connected in a single meta-pattern. When we know the pattern of these relationships and their connections, we have quantum chaotic consciousness.

Spirituality is the experience of quantum chaotic consciousness, the feeling of being connected to something bigger than you, the feeling of belonging on the land, the feeling of being connected within yourself and knowing your nature, place and purpose within the big picture, this allows people to reach their full potential with ease within the corporate world.

Art awakens the human senses to possibilities and is the communication of quantum chaotic consciousness. Whether the art form is written, drawn, painted, played, danced, acted or photographed, it is about connection and resonance. Psychologically, by utilising art forms we connect the tangible; science, with the intangibles of spirituality and expand our consciousness. Through the development of QCC, leaders are taught how they can modify the intangibles, in conjunction with the tangibles, to streamline processes and improve efficiency in a cohesive manner. Leaders with an expanded consciousness also have greater insight into how the intangibles impact the culture of the organisation and have the power to see more paths for the evolution of the company, their staff and themselves.

Aboriginal communities lived quantum chaos. By combining the science of quantum chaos with Aboriginal Wisdom and lived experience, WISDOM in Your Life’s Leaders without Borders program is an entirely unique and specialised program that requires three paradigm shifts in consciousness:

  1. From an independent viewpoint to an embedded experience;
  2. From a single frame of reference to three simultaneous frames of reference; and
  3. Consideration of the negative space.

It is imperative that each stage becomes a lived experience, and participants will have to demonstrate their mastery before they can enrol in the next stage. Imagine having leaders seeing the patterns beyond our current consciousness of everyday reality, combined with their substantive industry knowledge, what could be achieved for their industry, the wider community and the world.

Australian Aboriginal’s and Taoist’s know this, and have ways of teaching. However, the Western mind has been trained to think in a logical, concrete and linear manner, so we have written a scientific paper, Realm theory. Realm theory utilises science to show a pattern of how everything and everyone is connected. While Realm Theory is difficult to understand for most people, the books and workshops developed by Roslyn Snyder transform complex mathematics and quantum physics into simple words and pictures.

When we consider human beings according to Realm Theory, we can see easily that:

Each person is born with a natural pattern of 12 energy connections through 8 parts (hule types). There are 8 different patterns, but how they manifest in a human is different. This energy pattern needs to be nurtured and allowed to develop naturally. The human mind and the human body are the duality of the person.

For example: The human mind needs to develop by connecting and integrating experiences before expanding – this is not how we currently educate people, we give them information. Each piece of information is like a house brick and by the end of schooling we expect people to build a house. Some have a house, some have a pile of bricks and some have scattered the bricks all over the place. The human body needs to develop by nutrition. Foods also have a natural pattern if they were once alive! Foods that weren’t alive are not food. All foods also have 8 energy patterns. The foods that match (one energy pattern) or complement a person’s energy pattern (three energy patterns) will be the best foods for them, food that have an energy pattern that is opposite is not good for that person (one energy pattern) and the other three will be neutral. This is likely to apply to medications and natural therapies.

Disruption to this energy pattern can create chronic disease, either mental or physical, this is turned inwards. The disruption has three possible causes:

  • imbalance
  • disconnection
  • contamination (a hule switch)

For example: people with depression often have a lack of energy. For some people this is caused by an energy imbalance which may come from not eating (energy) the right foods, or having an energy drain (bad relationship). For other people the lack of energy is created by a disconnection, this may be a disconnection between the mind and body (no mental stimulation). Thirdly, the lack of energy can be caused through contamination, in which the person has absorbed someone/somethings else’s energy (abuse and drugs), so energy may flow in one part differently. Obviously, the treatment requirements are different. Most persistent mental health problems involve a hule switch. A hule switch can be caused by  abuse, drugs, environment or even paradoxes. Post-traumatic stress disorder has a hule switch that affects time and space. Roslyn has developed treatment protocols to reverse hule switches, talking therapies rarely, if ever, reverse a hule switch.

Disruption to this energy pattern can create social/environmental problems, this is turned outwards and leads to antisocial behaviour, control/abuse of others, being propped up by power, prestige or money. The disruption has three possible causes:

  • imbalance
  • disconnection
  • contamination (a hule switch)

Each person has many perfect matches. Two people are perfect matches when their own natural pattern connects on all 12 energies in the same way. There will be a natural synergy. As a society we do not connect to our deeper self and are not usually aware of energy patterns, so people often choose partners with a familiar energy pattern, which quite often is one of our parents.

WisdomEach person is born with a set amount of Energy, once all of this has been depleted we die. However, we can conserve our energy. Primarily, we need to be in balance, connected and uncontaminated. Furthermore, by connecting to three external energy sources we can conserve our innate energy by using the flow of energy from the Earth (living), other people (loving) and growing as a person (learning).

Each family has a natural pattern of 12 energies and eight parts (hule types). There are 8 patterns. The culture (the pattern) of the family is created by the relationship between the parents (whether or not they are present!) or parent figures. The energy within a family needs to flow and evolve. When this occurs the children will flourish. When the energy doesn’t flow or evolve the children will develop disrupted energy within themselves. Disruption of the energy within the family can be turned inwards or outwards. The disruption of the energy could be because of an energy disruption within either or both parents, or allowing children to be parents (not in their right place) or a disruption due to the mismatch of energy pattern between the parents.

Each classroom has a natural pattern of 12 energies and eight parts (hule types). The culture (the pattern) of the classroom is created by the relationship between the teacher and the principal. The energy within a classroom needs to flow and evolve. When this occurs the children will flourish. When the energy doesn’t flow or evolve the children may develop disrupted energy within themselves. The disruption of the energy could be because of an energy disruption within the teacher or the principal, or allowing children too much power, or a mismatch of energy pattern between the teacher and the principal.

Each workplace has a natural pattern of 12 energies and eight parts (hule types). The culture of a workplace or organisation is created by the leaders of the workplace. The energy of a workplace needs to flow and evolve. When this occurs the work will flourish, with great outcomes etc. When the energy doesn’t flow or evolve the workers or the work may develop disrupted energy.

Each community has a natural pattern of 12 energies and eight parts (hule types). The community culture is created by the leaders of the community.

Finally, Realm Theory challenges us to remember:

We have forgotten that every person on this planet is a human being equal to you. We need to treat people with dignity, compassion and love regardless of their actions.

WE have forgotten that life = growth and we need to grow and expand mentally, emotionally, spiritually, environmentally and socially. Our leaders, within government, business, schools and communities, have a responsibility to create fertile environments that promote growth. Our leaders require vision and the knowledge of how life works. Remember all parents are leaders of families.

WE have forgotten that people act according to what works for them with their knowledge, skills and abilities. We need to be non-judgemental where people can experience care and understanding not blame and condemnation or ask for assistance without feeling inferior, judged or stupid.

WE have forgotten how life works and the result is many of us no longer have lifestyles, but death styles we do what feels good today and forget about tomorrow and forget about what this may mean for our children or our grandchildren.

WE have forgotten that everything on this planet is connected and that our actions today have evolved from generations before and will affect generations to come. We need to move forward, while learning from our past and creating a future.

WE have forgotten our responsibility to live within the web of life not trying to control or manipulate life. We need to live with the natural rhythm, pulse and breath of life, in harmony, within ourselves, our families, our business, our communities, our world and as part of the universe.

Now is the time to remember how life works. We need to live, that is all.

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