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Best Cultural Psychology & Coaching Company 2020 - Australia Award by ghp Health & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020


WISDOM in Your Life - Psychological and Aboriginal ways

Our vision: to unify humanity

  1. Show people how to heal their life
  2. Show people how to live as ‘one of one’
  3. Show leaders how to create a culture of integrity
  4. Establish a body of evidence to support a coherent theory of life    

Life is simple! Any amoeba does it.

People complicate life so much they forget how to live.

By connecting to their own wisdom deep within people have an anchor, they also need to connect with other people, they need to learn and grow and they need to live in the moment, not in their past or in their future.

All work has been developed and published by Roslyn Snyder. I thank all those who have contributed since 1999 through evaluations, paintings and sculptures.