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Creating Culture

We show people how to create Workplace or Community harmony

Businesses/workplaces/communities are living entities, by understanding and enhancing the natural energy pattern we can live and work in Cultural Harmony.

We suggest you either start with Community or Workplace Culture workshops or measure the Culture of your Community or Workplace to know where to target training with our Cultural Integrity Audit.

" Many workplace structures and processes are not aligned to human nature, and are designed to serve the systems not people "

Individual Competitive Hierarchy

The image on the left represents Individual Competitive Hierarchies where people are defined by their job description and roles, this creates power imbalances and can lead to abuse of power within the system, with people higher up having more power than people lower down. Disempowered workers are NOT autonomous and they lack initiative. The image on the right represents an alternative, that of Collective, Circular Collaboration which aligns with the laws of nature and encourages people to be different yet have equal power. This enables harmonious interdependent relationships. The way of a Cultural Revolution. All our workplace programs align to the laws of the land.

Collective Circular Collaboration

Three two day workshops to understand people and connections

Strong Families/ Teams = Strong Communities

  • Understanding the emotional landscape of life
  • Understanding the hidden patterns of behaviour

Strong Connections = Strong Communities/ Workplaces

  • Understanding the pathways to harmony
  • Understanding the hidden patterns of connection between people

Theory and Applications for your Community/Workplace

  • Introduction to the hidden patterns of life
  • Practical ways to empower a community

Cultural Integrity Audit - measuring the culture of your workplace

Customised Workplace Solutions

Toxic Cultures, Mental Health, Bullying, High Turnover, Poor Morale

Read Organisational Integrity Audit

Try the Organisational Integrity Audit

Read the Case Study

Seven Stages for Community Agency

Seven one day workshops

Nature of your Business


Business Place


Business Purpose


Key & and Power of your Business


Focus and Destiny of Your Business


Energy Pattern of your Business


The Influence of your Business


For community members see Earth School, Connecting people and Healing minds.


Leaders without Borders

Leaders without Borders is mastering the art of human interaction. It is the nature, relationships and connections between people that is at the heart of every business, every family and every community. Leaders with the knowledge, skills and abilities to nurture growth organically is how we will transform systems to become human-centred for now and into the future. 

There are four types of leaders. The natural leader is indistinguishable from the will of those who selected him/her. The next best leader enjoys the love and praise of the people. The poor leader rules through coercion and fear. And the worst leader is a tyrant despised by the multitudes who are the victims of his/her power. Tao te thing

For people who want to be Leaders

Our Leaders without Borders program has three stages:

Stage I

Everyday Reality
2 one week blocks "on country"
No prerequisite required.

Everyday Reality 

Everyday Reality is about living a spiritual life in a physical form, we need to be fully aligned to our nature, place and purpose, living in harmony with other people and the land. 

Week one: Enrol now

We teach connecting and integrating within and applying this wisdom into your everyday life. Mastering these teachings is the foundation for any leader

Week two:

Pre requisite Week 1 in practice.

Day 1 – Hidden patterns of life

Day 2 & 3 – Weaving the social fabric 

Day 4 & 5 – Living, loving and learning in perfect harmony

Stage II

Hidden Patterns of Life: 3 x one week blocks ‘on country’
Prerequisite is stage 1 put into practice.

Hidden Patterns of Life   

Energy Patterns of self, others and the land follows laws that cannot be broken, bent or altered in any way. By understanding and applying these laws we come to know the Hidden Patterns of Life. 

Indigenous people of the world know that everything is connected in one energy pattern throughout the universe. Stage one prepares our body and mind and social networks. Our body becomes a vessel for the soul (pattern) and the mind a channel for the spirit (energy). We can only see this connected energy pattern from our place in it.

Week 3.

Day 1 – Hidden patterns of life – The dual nature of life

Day 2 & 3 – Finding the key to your power

Day 4 & 5 – Finding the focus of your destiny

Week 4 

Day 1 – Hidden patterns of life – Energy patterns

Day 2 & 3 – Soul Power

Day 4 & 5 – Birth of Abundance

Week 5 

Day 1 – Hidden patterns of life – 

Day 2 & 3 – Pyramid of power

Day 4 & 5 – Re-birth of humanity

Stage III

Cosmic Reality. Cycles of Time, Space and Omneity 2 x one week blocks ‘on country’
Prerequisite is stage 2 in practice.

Cosmic Reality. 

Cosmic Reality, shows people how to align their energised soul and spirit with the cycles of time and space. Stage three allows you to receive a higher purpose. Mastering this stage leads to the re-imagining of the universe.

Week 6

Day 1 – Hidden patterns of life – Evolution

Day 2 & 3 – Meaning of Life

Day 4 & 5 – Power of Three

Week 7

Day 1 – Hidden patterns of life – Everything and Nothing

Day 2 & 3 – The secrets of the universe

Day 4 & 5 – Re-imagining the universe

Realm Theory is a mathematical proof/scientific paper of this process. To read more about Roslyn’s Journey and how she developed Realm Theory. 



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