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Best Cultural Psychology & Coaching Company 2020 - Australia Award by ghp Health & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020

A land of opportunity

Australia, it is time to evolve from the lucky country to the land of opportunity.

A place who values our first nation people for their ancient wisdom and as the custodians of the land.

A place that honours our early settlers for their bravery and ability to leap into the unknown and build our nation.

A place where our convict ancestors are revered for their ability to adapt and change in the face of adversity.

A place which adopts the courage and fortitude our refugees required to say no to oppression and make sacrifices for their future.

A place where migrants are celebrated for their choice to live in freedom and harmony.

A place where visitors are welcomed guests because we know that they add to the richness of our experiences.

‘The land is our foundation, our history is our strength and our people are our lifeblood’

We need to care for one another by practicing kindness and compassion at alltimes, with all people.

We need to be open minded and open hearted, everyone has a different experience and we can learn and grow from each other through tolerance and respect.

The land of opportunity is a place where everyone is given a fair go, everyone contributes and no one takes more than they need.

The land of opportunity values families as the nurseries of future generations and companies as the workhorses for our future.

The land of opportunity is a place where knowledge and wisdom are more important than opinion, where rights come with responsibility and our human responsibility is to be carers of our Earth.

‘Each person needs to know their own unique nature and place in this world, and our purpose is to grow with integrity and live in harmony with each other’

It all seems so simple, yet seemingly impossible, as we are so distracted bythings that don’t matter.

Ask yourself:
Is what I am doing helping me grow? 

Is it kind and compassionate to others? 

Does it care for the Earth?

Roslyn teaches people to build capacity, integrity and harmony into human systems. She is co-founder of WISDOM in Your Life a social business connecting individual, family, community and corporate systems to live as ‘one of one’. Imagine if we could all live in harmony across the world.


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