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Best Cultural Psychology & Coaching Company 2020 - Australia Award by ghp Health & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020

Our Vision

For people to live in harmony across the world

Our Focus

Step by step, stage by stage we aim to increase wisdom and compassion within the self, structures, and communities. We do this by showing people through experiences the hidden patterns of life.

We measure, transform, and align hidden patterns to life: for people, systems, and cultures

Our Programs

Based on visual metaphors, using internationally common language modalities [art, song, story and dance], our programs transform and align hidden patterns.

On the surface, they look like a series of simple tasks, however, they take people on a subtle yet powerful journey.

Traditional training relies on reading and listening alone, research show that people retain less than 10% of this. Whereas our simple, integrated and inclusive experiences have a 90% retention leading to deep lasting knowing.

Our People

Our facilitators are highly trained, have spent years personally transforming and aligning their lives. Each bring unique life experiences, are culturally intelligent and create spaces for people to do what they need to do. They all came into Wisdom in Your Life concerned by the prevalence of the destructive pattern in life – something that has been felt in their families and workplaces.

We now share a purpose to transform the world with wisdom and compassion, teaching ways of being that align with life patterns.

Services:  Training for Professionals; Leaders without Borders; Healing programs; Professional supervision; Psychologist; Speaker; Author; Blogs.

Roslyn Snyder

Roslyn’s father was born in Italy, and her mother is sixth generation Australian with Scottish and Irish hereditary. After a career in applied science, Roslyn Snyder graduated with first class honours in psychology in 1995. Her life changed with a dream, that became a book; Journey to the centre of your life ‘the map’ reframing complex psychological processes into simple visual framework. She shared this with an Aboriginal Elder who asked her to do everything she can to help his people. From that day, fifty percent of her work was with Aboriginal communities. Her work became best practice for youth mental health, published by the AIFS, and Aboriginal Mental Health. Roslyn has worked in Aboriginal communities across Australia.

Later she ‘danced’ Realm Theory – a meta-pattern, combining spent three years working towards a PhD, presented at International Congress of Psychology and eventually wrote a mathematical proof. All of Wisdom in Your Life’s work is based upon Realm Theory.

Storm Motohata

Storm is a Nyul Nyul and Yawuru woman from the Kimberley region of Western Australia and grew up living and learning off the land for part of her childhood. At 13 she moved to Whadjuk Country (Perth) to finish her schooling, which she did and found her way working in the Health system, across Aboriginal health, Public health, Community development, Strategy and Workforce Consultancy.


Storm broadened her skills and knowledge in Cultural psychology and mental health with WISDOM in Your Life and now specialises in Training facilitation in Culture and Human Systems in business. She also co facilitates healing workshops in the community.

Services:  Cultural Harmony; Nature, Place and Purpose; Earth Schools; Healing programs; Sustainable Indigenous Employment Framework; Professional supervision; Cultural coaching, RAPs, Speaker, Vlogs.

Services:  Cultural Integrity Audits, Workplace short and one day programs, Earth School, Coaching, Speaking, Podcasts.

Bryn Edwards

Born in England, Bryn’s family, and ancestry, originates from the same East Midlands region dating back many hundreds if not thousands of years.
Tired of experiencing the same destructive patterns repeat throughout a 18-year top level management consultancy career, Bryn looked deeper beyond his university education in organisational psychology to search for better solutions that he knew existed – this led him to Roslyn and Wisdom in Your Life.


With a recognised capacity to bring natural order into chaos, Bryn is committed to aligning people, organisations and cultures to the creative life-affirming growth pattern.

Wella Thurlow

Wella is a Ngarluma Yinjibarndi woman from the Pilbara region of Western Australia (WA) with connections to Nyikina and Nyul Nyul people from the Kimberley region of WA. She came to Whadjuk Country (Perth, WA) in 2013 to further her education graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor of Counselling from the University of Notre Dame Fremantle. Focussing her learning on understanding the patterns of colonisation and decolonising and finding her way working in the Health system, she deepened her understanding by observing these patterns act out through people and finding these patterns embedded in certain places within structures of our systems.


Wella broadened her skills and knowledge in the Art of Visual Scribing to surface these unseen patterns in the work we do and in the conversations we have. Currently she is in training for facilitation with Wisdom in Your Life. , does visual scribing and specialises in decolonisation strategies, critical to our Sustainable Indigenous Employment Framework.

Services:  Cultural Harmony Reconciliation Action Plans, Decolonisation, Earth school, Visual Scribing, Sustainable Indigenous Employment Framework.

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