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Nature, Place and Purpose – Three days

Find your core Nature, Journey to your Place and allow your Purpose to unfold.

Three day package:

  • Journey to your Place
  • Find your Nature
  • Uncover your Purpose
Want to experience the first ‘Place” workshop before committing to Nature & Purpose?

For people who are emotionally mentally healthy or robust, not suitable for people who are emotionally mentally shattered, flat or frail. We recommend our three stage healing minds program first.




Nature, Place and Purpose – Three days

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Everyone is connected, this series of workshops is the first stage in Connecting People. 

  1. Journey to your place:
    1. The path to being centred
    2. The path to being balanced
    3. The path to being grounded
    4. Balance and harmony
  2. Finding your core nature:
    1. Identifying your core
    2. What your core means
    3. How your core interacts with other cores
    4. How your core grows
  3. Uncovering your purpose:
    1. Self and Life purpose
    2. Public versus hidden purpose
    3. Why I can’t find my purpose?
    4. Where to now?

Nature, Place and Purpose is a 3 day workshop experience.

Cost: $1000/person or $400/day

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Aug 2024: 14, 15, 16, Feb 2024: 28, 29, 30, May 2024: 22, 23, 24

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