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Boat A2 – with treatment summaries


Boat A2 – with treatment summaries


This chart is from the book  Journey to the centre of your life – your compass and explains interdependence in the metaphor of a boat.  Your self is the captain of the boat, your thoughts are the equipment on board, your feelings are the ballast, other people are the weather, your surroundings are the water conditions, the boat is your core being and the rudder is your spiritual beliefs, which are a connections through all parts of the boat to captain. This A2 version is designed for health professionals in order to treat a number of conditions. It provides a description, a rationale and the first steps in treatment. E.G. Captain of an Empty Vessel, Docked and not going anywhere or your boat having a false bottom.

  • A2 (42cm x 60cm), includes treatment summaries  $44 AU