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The Law of the Land.


Our land was formed by laws of nature 4.5billion years ago. Life was formed by laws of the land 3.5 billion years. Human life was formed 200 000 years ago by laws of the land. Human life continues to follow the laws of the land. Australian Aboriginal cultures use language, dance, art, story and song to live, learn and love the Laws of the Land.  Anyone who works with humans needs to know the laws of the land. 

For people who work with people.

Comprehensive Professional Training - Three stages. POSTPONED TO 2024

Stage one: Experience ‘the map’ for

Enrol now POSTPONED TO 2024

  • Comprehensive Visual Framework for Emotional Wellbeing
  • Community Development
  • Self-care
Stage two: Connect ‘your compass’ for

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  • Comprehensive Visual Framework for Self Integrity
  • Balance and Harmony Development
  • Self-care
Stage three: Theory and application of ‘the map’ and ‘your compass’.

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  • Comprehensive Visual Framework for Life
  • Unifying science, arts and spirituality
  • Practical applications in a wide range of individual, community and corporate settings

Ongoing Professional Development

These trainings are available throughout the year on Fridays between 1pm and 5pm at Goolugatup Cultural Precinct.

Feb 24 2023.  Enrol now

Professional Self – Care

Take the time to learn a process of Self-Care and develop a visual year plan.

March 31 2023. Enrol now

Eating Disorders

9Understanding Eating Disorders from a Realm Theory perspective. Eating Disorders are some of the most complex and difficult to treat issues. Learn a few additional techniques.

April 28 2023 Enrol now

Our Healing Programs

An overview of how our Healing Programs work and connection to Realm Theory

May 19 2023. Enrol now

Cultural Harmony

Exploring principles of how to build Cultural Harmony in the workplace or in  a team

June 16 2023. Enrol now

Professionals Self – Care Dollmaking

Learn to use the process of making a wire framed doll as a process of self-care – Metaphorically rebuilding yourself.

August 11 2023

Cancelled this month.

Sept 8 2023 Enrol now

Healthy Boundaries Work and/or Family

Oct 6 2023 Enrol now

Types of Toxic Relationships 

Nov 3 2023 Enrol now

The language of the unconscious and how to use it.


The Missing Link

This training is often described as the missing link as it fits in between everything else you know and expands your mind. Several independent evaluations have been completed including a Psychology Doctoral Thesis, part of which interviewed 17 professionals in how they have used this training. While many of our programs use ‘the map’, ‘your compass’ and quantum chaotic consciousness the focus of the training is different. 

Any profession that involves people will benefit from this training.

Why is this training different?

Most traditional training relies on verbal consciousness: the ability to put into words knowledge and experiences or training that is non-verbal and unconscious is explorative at best.
Kwidjaan training is different, using well researched and established science (quantum physics, mathematics and consciousness), combined with the experience of story, song, art, dance/movement used by Aboriginal communities for over 50,000 years we show ways of knowing that will influence your professional practice.


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