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Connect your compass – 2 day workshop


Connect Your Compass

This workshop helps you unify, integrate and consolidate your life so far. These universal principles can then be applied to business, groups and education.




Connect your compass – 2 day workshop

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“Your compass” was developed in 2000 by Roslyn Snyder, published in Journey to the centre of your life – your compass. Your compass asks the question. Are you who you are? Who you think you are? Or who other people think you are? Your compass is about identity formation, living authentically and being connected within. 

Connect Your Compass
About “your compass” workshop

The only way to way to find “your compass” is to look for it. The first morning we identify your core (the blueprint to happiness for you), then we connect and integrate the other parts of your life into your core. You learn the connection and integration processes, which can then be applied to both individual clients, the community and also your self. This is a celebration of you. Pre-reading is required.

Learning Objectives:

To give people:

  1. A comprehensive non-threatening framework
  2. Experience of how simple practical activities can connect, integrate and expand the mind
  3. Strategies to balance your life
  4. Simple processes for self care.

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2. Nov 17 & 18 2023