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Imagine feeling safe, having enough, and being valued. Imagine your world expanding through love and wisdom. Imagine living in harmony with nature. Imagine a world where spiritual growth is an experience not a dogma. Want this to become a reality?

Sharing Aboriginal and psychological ways of connection

For people who want to live and work as ‘one of one’.

We use simple, inclusive and integrated experiences, story, art, music, dance and language to show you ways to connect and integrate your self and other, along the way discovering your nature, place and purpose.

When we know who we really are, not who we think we are or who other people think we are, we connect to our place in the web of life. This connection anchors us to life and we feel safe. When we have relationships based upon love and wisdom we create a culture of growth and possibilities. When we ‘belong to the land’ we live in harmony with nature. When we grow spiritually we can experience life as magical transformations.

If people lived like this we can unify humanity easily. Too often people are distracted by that which does not matter.

Unifying Humanity

In traditional Aboriginal communities, everything and everyone was connected, people lived in harmony with each person knowing their nature, place and purpose while being connected to their anchor and source. When people align with their nature, place and purpose and connect with their anchor and source they live with integrity. In Aboriginal culture, systems were in place to build integrity at different ages through all parts of the community. Through our Unifying Humanity series of workshops we help align and connect people. Further details Nature, Place, Purpose, Anchor and Source

Three one day workshops 

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Two day experience ‘on country’

  • Connecting to your Anchor
  • Knowing your Source

Earth School

Foundations of life. Why didn’t I know this? Roslyn has commonly heard these words over 20 years, and Earth school is the lessons everyone needs to know to have a healthy mind and healthy relationships, the two most important things for people. Further details Earth School 

  • Healthy mind 10 x 1.5hrs
  • Healthy Relationships  10 x 1.5hrs

Functional Families

Functional families are the backbone of humanity. A functional family is a safe place to be and grow.  Each family has it’s own nature, place and purpose.

  • Functional Families 4 x 2hrs or 1 day (9am to 5 pm)
  • Family Culture 4 x 2hrs or 1 day (9am to 5pm)

Workplace Harmony

Harmonious workplaces are the backbone of our society, each person is valued for their role and is encouraged to grow even if that means leaving.

Unhealthy relationships in families and workplaces create unhealthy minds.  



Our Leaders without Borders is a comprehensive program that not only shows people how to develop their own expanding web of connection, but shows how this influences others.

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